Parking Area Sweeping & Maintenance

With over 21 years of reliable cleanliness enjoyed by commercial, industrial, and property management clients, our parking lot maintenance experience will set your exterior space apart from the rest with a ‘briteness’ that stands out! We are committed to creating that curb appeal that is your customer’s first impression upon entering your property. Due to this business standard, we have many, long-term customers, some who have been with us just about as long as we have been in business! Our customers know that they can count on us to do the job again if we don’t get it right the first time.

We offer a full range of cleaning options and can readily handle any exterior space, from small to large retail centers, any commercial buildings and locations, churches, schools and industrial sites. So, inquire about how our sweeping, cleaning maintenance and portering services can give your customers impressive and inviting first impressions!

Vacuum Truck Sweeping includes:

  • Sweeping of all parking areas, garages and entrances
  • Blowers used on all curbs, car stops, landscape beds, medians, and dumpster edges
  • Portering available (hand removal of trash) and can combine sweeping, portering and pressure washing in a maintenance package tailored to your specific needs, as well as periodic striping.
  • Rear and dumpster area cleaning
  • Report of problem areas
  • Parking garage sweeping & cleaning
  • HOA’s & property managers
  • Excellent references

Also available:

  • Bag change on trash receptacles
  • Shopping cart clearing
  • Pressure washing, Portering and Striping, car stop replacement
  • Large spill clean-up and illegal dumping removal
  • Bird nest removal and building cleaning
  • Canopy cleaning, construction cleanup

Call or email Debbie in the office, or complete the estimate request on the pull-down menu. We offer FREE estimates and are fully insured.

Brazos Brite Services LLC provides parking lot maintenance and cleaning for commercial clients in Bryan TX, College Station TX, the greater Brazos Valley and entire central Texas between Houston, Austin and Dallas

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